Artificial Intelligence

AI can support companies to improve their decision-making cycle, instead of only use summarized data your company can let AI find patterns and simulate various scenarios giving an wider view of options in order to improve the quality and safety of decisions.

It also helps to avoid problems related to human bias decision mechanism in early stages of  the decision making cycle.

"Focus your energy in the decision, not in your data."

About us

Versor is helping other companies to understand what AI really means and how they can use this technology to help their operations.

We are passionate about technology and have researchers working in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science and Complex Systems.


Cloud based

Our solutions are API friendly, with a simple REST you can connect your system with our solutions


We build a solution that fits perfectly with your problem and with high integration capabilities

Easy to use

Friendly user interface, easy and productive.


Data Analyses

We analyse your data in order to get rich insights.

Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics.

Artificial Intelligence

Develop a custom Artificial Intelligence that fits your needs. Finding Patterns, Simulating the Future and even automating processes.

Big Data

Data mining in huge amount of data. Also solutions for real time data flow.


We are here to understand and help companies to develop a step by step action plan in order prepare the system to implement AI solutions.

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